New blog

I love this picture of us, even though I look like a happy fool! Haha :-)

Hey people. I just wanted to tell you guys that I might be doing a new blog soon with one of my friends, Marlene. We’ve talked a lot about it and now we just need to agree on some details, like a name and so on. I will keep you updated, but if we do it, then I won’t blog on this one anymore. Hopefully it will be to more blog posts when we’re two and more pictures, because she has the most amazing camera and we see each other everyday :-) Any ideas on a name? We want it to be mainly about fashion, but also photography, social life etc.

Comedy show

I went to an amazing comedy show last night in Tivoli. It was so funny I was laughing really hard the whole time. But the most fantastic thing from last night was that the entire national men’s soccer team was there too watching!! They were sitting a few rows away from me and I just couldn’t help but stare! I am huge soccer fan and I think we have so many great players, even though the team as a whole is pretty bad, but it’ll get better, it might just take a while… It was so awesome to see them in person, but I was too scared to say hi… Damn! Haha, maybe (and hopefully) some other day :-)

My Sunday

Hi guys! Today I went to eat Dim Sum with my parents at Royal Garden in Copenhagen. I did a post about the restaurant before, but now it’s gone – I might do one later on because we do go there a lot to eat since their food is fantastic!

Before we went to eat I brought my bike to my sister’s apartment because she needs it this week. From there I took the bus through Copenhagen to the restaurant to meet my parents. The streets of Copenhagen are filled with political posters because of the upcoming election. I’m excited, this is the first time I can vote (-: I went by Christiansborg in the bus and it was so funny to see how Jarlov (C) took up all the room on the fence along the river. I just had to take a picture of it because it just looked insane. I think he had more than 80 posters hanging there.
I know the pictures I’ve posted today are quite bad, but I felt like it was better than nothing (-; My outfit pictures will get better, but I didn’t have anyone to take a picture… And the picture of the Jarlov posters is so bad because I was sitting in the bus while driving and I had to zoom in a lot. But I hope you can forgive me (-; Now I better do some homework! Lots of love!

…is the name of the review blog I mentioned in my earlier post. I just updated it with my very first review on the movie Transformers 3 and I would love if you guys could go read it and even comment on it. I would love some critic if you have any, but compliments are very welcomed as well (-; Nina did a list and Trine did a review as well and I thought they were really good, you should check it out. I hope it turns out to be a success, because I really think it’s a great idea (-:

So I haven’t updated for a week now and that’s not really okay – I know. But I just started school again and it has taken ALL of my energy. I haven’t done anything besides school this week. I’ve just been sleeping – no lie! But it’s better now. So talk to you soon (-;

Starting over

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged since March, which you probably have already noticed, because I’ve been busy and oh so lazy. But after this amazing summer break I feel my energy coming back and I don’t feel like lying on the couch anymore. So I figured I would blog again (-: I deleted all my old blog posts to completely start over. It’s going to be even better than what it used to be (-: Not much to tell you guys now, except I’m working on a new review blog with two very sweet girls. I’ll keep you updated on that when it’s done and ready for some blogging action! Love Charlotte.


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